Between the free vocational training we provide, our community village we are working to build, our awareness events, our emotional & physical support and our charitable efforts, we have a lot to get done! We appreciate any of the many ways you can support us.

There are Plenty of Ways To Help

Donation of Display areas at Conventions & Shows specifically for Veterans

Truck Donation for moving helicopters from place to place

Office furniture donations for our Veterans Vocational Training Center & comfortable chairs, sofas & tables for our Veterans Drop by Lounge

Large solid storage wall units or tool storage are always welcomed donations

Engineering Tools for helicopter building and repair really help us train more people

Building, architect, craftsmen, heating & electrical contractors and development engineers for our Veteran's Village

Contributor's Circle

NV3 has many needs in the development and sustainment of this one-of-a-kind Vocational Village. Please consider helping.

Helicopter Kits - $90,000-$150,000

We are in constant need of helicopter kits for our vocational programs


Land - $150,000 - $50M

An operating location is critical to instituting the vocational programs and to initiating the community development phase. We are looking for donations of land from 40-400 acres. We will also consider larger plots of land for airstrip operations

Buildings - $20,000 - $150,000

Utility buildings, hangers and tiny homes are needed to store machinery, work on projects and to provide housing for our communities



Donations – Any amount

General operating expenses to advertise, pay staff, and accomplish administrative work are always needed. A very small percentage of donations goes to administrative overhead


Volunteers are our most valuable asset.  They commit to giving the precious resources of time and talent to help in whatever way they are equipped. If you believe you can help in any way, please contact us

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