NV3 Aviation Program

Returning Disabled Veterans to the Cockpit of a Helicopter

The World’s ONLY program returning paraplegic Veterans to flight status in ANY helicopter

Control panel in military plane cockpit, modern aviation and aerospace industry, AI.

Aeroleg system is FAA-Approved


Integrated into Rotoway 162F Experimental helicopter for training

Medical first aid helicopter. Rescue a person. Generative AI illustration

Allows the Piloting of ANY Helicopter

Stewart-and-leg-651x1024 (1)

Originally Designed for a paraplegic to fly a Royal Air Force Gazelle helicopter


Join our team, share your skills as we share ours with you


We have already come a long way but we strive to go further as a team.

We first created our helicopter assembly and test program in Lake City, FL

Then we transitioned our program to Colorado Springs, CO and built our hanger/workshop/training facility

We provide training and instruction on how to build and fly our helicopters with full knowledge and expertise

Centrally Located to Serve a Very Large Veteran Population

Here is list of just some of the things we have achieved so far, and our ongoing pursuits that we need help and funding for:

Initial move of Helicopters and equipment to temporary storage 

Built three helicopters, including the world’s first helicopter specifically designed for a paraplegic to fly

Conducted resilience events for veterans, pre-veterans (active duty), spouses and dependents on the devastating impacts of suicide on families

Assisted hundreds of veterans through our program and associated programs

Attended two large awareness events: EAA AirVenture 2022 at Oshkosh, WI and HAI HELI EXPO 2023 in Atlanta, GA, reaching over 5 million people with the NV3 Vision

Received monetary donations as well as equipment and services

Explored over a dozen potential sites for a veterans village

Were housed in a half a dozen temporary locations

We secured a hanger site at COS Airport:

Hanger Building with office space, Power & Plumbing

Initial storage of two helicopters and a biplane

Establishment of Colorado Springs Veterans Vocational Program

Our immediate needs:


Tradesmen: Electrical, plumbing, framing, painting etc.

Grading of Property

Road access onto the property

Concrete pad




We invite those who value our veterans to invest in the success of this national endeavor and to help those who have served us on the battlefield and in service to our country to rediscover their self-worth.

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