What Is The NV3 Foundation

Co-founder Captain Stewart McQuillan was a Tornado GR1 fighter pilot with the RAF when he experienced a spinal cord injury. Stewart is an engineer by trade and was determined not to be defeated as flying was his passion, so he got to work and invented the AEROLEG (Patent Pending), the world's first and only FAA Approved device that puts paraplegics behind the controls of a helicopter.

After bringing the AEROLEG to the United States, Stewart saw the plight of the other veterans and the corresponding epidemic of suicide and teamed up with Colonel Sean McClung and Kristen Christy to create a boarder vision that addressed these pressing needs.

After much planning, discussion and outreach with Veterans from military and first responder communities, NV3 decided to take an approach that would do more to build a sense of community and purpose among veterans.

That is where the NV3 Foundation was born.

While NV3 supports all Veteran-focused non-profits and the amazing work they carry out for vets, our initiative is to build a full Self-Contained Village for our vets, providing housing and medical facilities, teaching new hands-on careers or restarting old ones, and building a thriving social community of like-minded vets, giving full community support to vets day and night.


NV3's Vocational Village concept was derived from the "Papworth Village Settlement" in England.

Papworth village settlement, founded in 1917 by Dr (later Sir) Pendrill Varrier-Jones, its administrator until his death in 1941, consisted of a hospital and convalescent facility where patients in all stages of tuberculosis were received and treated, and a 'settlement' where 'ex-patients' lived with their families in a rural environment and were employed in industries at trade union rates of pay. Widespread praise was given to Papworth throughout its existence as a unique experiment and to Varrier-Jones as an original thinker. It was described by The Times in 1927 as 'the most successful socio-medical experiment of our times.'


Our Vocational Training and Drop in Center encourages vet's to come grab a coffee, shoot the breeze or hang around to learn & build helicopters for paraplegics.

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